Uverse Moives how to order on demand

How to Order on Demand Movies

Launch the AT&T video store from the main menu by selecting
video on demand.

Navigate subcategories to find the exact program you would
like to watch.

Press OK to find purchasing options in the program
information window.

uverse movies how to redeem coupons

Follow these steps to use your Coupon today!

Press On Demand and select Coupons, then press OK.

Select your movie and press OK to preview or purchase.

No code necessary. Enjoy!

Coupons and Movies Frequently Asked Questions
50% Movie Coupons and Free Movie Coupons


How do I redeem a movie coupon on AT&T U-verse?
Press On Demand and select Coupons, then press OK. Select your movie and press OK to preview or purchase. No code necessary. Enjoy!


When I ordered my movie, it said something about 1% off. What does that mean
You will see a 1% discount when you redeem your movie (for example, you will be charged $5.94 for a $6 movie.) However, you will receive the full $6 credit within 2 bill cycles. This 1% discount helps us identify that you used the coupons so we can properly credit your account.


How much is the coupon worth?
It depends on the coupon. 50% U-verse movie coupons are for a specific movie title and you are charged 50% of the full price. Free movie coupons cover $6. If your movie is more than $6, you are responsible for the additional charges. Some coupons are applied over multiple months. That means, for example, you might see 3 monthly credits of $6 if your code was for 3 movies on AT&T. See your mail, email or text message for details.


When will I see my credit?
Check first in the video section for a promotional credit for $6. If you don’t see it there, your credit will show as a $6 U-verse TV Usage Charge Adjustment.


Can I give my coupon to my friends and family to use for movies on AT&T U-verse?
As a general rule, only the 50% off specific movie titles are available to all AT&T U-verse subscribers. Virtually all other coupons are available only to a select group of accounts, so if you pass on your coupon code to other members, it will not work.


When does my coupon expire?
For Free movie coupons check the fine print for your expiration date, which varies by offer. For 50% U-verse movie coupons check the expiration date.


Are there any movies I can’t watch with my coupon?
For Free movie offers, movies within the “U-verse Movies” folder on the On Demand menu are eligible for coupons. Adult movies are not eligible for coupon codes.


Why is AT&T U-verse giving away movies?
We want you to experience U-verse Movies On Demand and also we want to let you know how much we appreciate you as a member. We value your business!


Where can I get I get additional information?
For On Demand coupons full terms and conditions visit channel 199. Customer responsible for applicable On Demand charges and surcharges. Once an On Demand is ordered, it cannot be cancelled by remote or customer care.